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Business Planning

We apply our same consultative approach to your business planning needs, bringing experience helping family and privately-owned businesses strive to optimize cash flow, retirement planning, succession planning and more. By conducting a thorough business risk analysis we can help point out any gaps in important insurance coverages and areas that may benefit from more cost effective solutions.

We provide innovative solutions for your specific needs in these and other areas:

  • Executive Compensation Solutions
  • Cash Management Services
  • Business Transfer and Succession Planning
  • Retirement Plan Solutions
  • Insurance & Risk Management

Corporate Planning

Our goal is to help you deliver a retirement plan that will serve the best interests of your business and your plan participants. We bring expertise in all areas of plan operations, including plan design assistance, service provider monitoring and open-architecture investment recommendations for final selection by plan sponsor and vendor benchmarking. We seek to meet a broad range of plan participants' needs through investment education and plan communications. 

Retirement Plan Consulting

Our knowledge covers all aspects of plan operations, including:

  • Service provider and expense benchmarking versus peer group
  • Analyzing fees
  • Monitoring the plan's overall health
  • Changing service providers
  • Managing plan conversions
  • Employee communications/education

Fiduciary Services

We help you establish and maintain fiduciary standards with services including:

  • Fiduciary assessment
  • 404(c) compliance assistance and safe harbor consultations
  • Fiduciary monitoring and due diligence
  • Investment Policy Statement assistance and review
  • Investment analysis, selection and monitoring, including watch list criteria
  • Regular on-site and proactive updates and service calls

Plan Participant Services

We believe a successful participant education and communication program is critical to the success of your retirement plan. Depending on your specific needs, components of your communication strategy may include :

  • Enrollment meetings and communications
  • Investment allocation insight, education and advice
  • Optional investment seminars and workshops
  • Access to online investment and financial planning tools
  • Personal financial planning